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CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship laws are based upon the Eritrean Nationality Proclamation.

BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Eritrea does not automatically confer citizenship. The exception is a child born of unknown parents.

BY DESCENT: Child, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Eritrea, regardless of the child's country of birth.

ORIGIN: Person who was a resident of Eritrea prior to 1934 is considered to have "Eritrean origin" and is granted citizenship.

BY NATURALIZATION: Naturalization laws for Eritrea are divided into two time periods: 1934 to 1951, and 1951 to the present. 1934 to 1951: Eritrean nationality is granted to non-citizens who had entered and resided in Eritrea during the period of 1934 to 1951. 1951 to Present: Person has entered Eritrea legally and resided continually for 10 years before 1974 or 20 years if many trips abroad were made.

Person has renounced previous citizenship, speaks one of the languages of Eritrea, plans to permanently reside in the country, has adequate financial support, and has never been convicted of a crime.

MARRIAGE: Non-citizens who marry Eritrean nationals may be granted citizenship if the non-citizen has lived in the country at least three years after marriage and has renounced previous nationality. Citizenship may be revoked upon an attempted readoption of the previous citizenship or a divorce from the citizen spouse.

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: Special arrangements may be made for Eritrean citizens by birth who wish to retain a foreign citizenship they have since acquired.


VOLUNTARY: Permitted under Eritrean law. Contact embassy representatives of the Eritrean government for guidelines on renunciation.

INVOLUNTARY: The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Eritrean citizenship: Person voluntarily acquires another citizenship. Person voluntarily serves the interests of another country. Naturalized citizen has been sentenced to more than five years in prison or gained citizenship under false pretenses.

ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, should be directed to the address below:

Embassy of the State of Eritrea Embassy Telephone: 202-319-1991 1708 New Hampshire Ave., NW Fax: 202-319-1304/1308 Washington, DC 20009 www.netafrica.org/eritrea


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