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This web site contains information that we have found helpful in understanding multiple citizenship.  We hope you find it interesting too, and that it gets you thinking.

Please enjoy what you read here, but do not depend on this material being complete, correct or up to date.  This material will never represent the full story on citizenship law of any given country.

In addition, none of the material on this web site should be taken as advice, legal or otherwise.  If you need advice, please check with a qualified person in the respective government and with a good lawyer who specializes in that specific country's citizenship law.  (The "Consular Services" section of an embassy is often a good place to ask, because they are small and are typically experienced in dealing with citizenship questions.  If you can't find clear information within a country, consider calling their embassy in a neighboring country).

It can be surprisingly difficult to find clear information about citizenship laws of a country, and to present it so that a normal person can understand.  The people who have contributed to this site are not lawyers and may not understand the implications of a specific country's laws.  Laws, rules and their interpretations do change. Countries come into existence and later disappear. And finally, we sometimes make mistakes.


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